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An escort agency is an organization that offers escorts for customers, most often for personal sexual services. The agency usually arranged a meeting between a prospective escort and the customer at his/her home or hotel room (through a call or through online booking), or in the escort’s home (incall). In some countries, the service of an escort is legal but the act of having sex with the customer is not. That is why the service of an escort is also called adult entertainment or lap dancing. There are people who offer such services to people who want it but these types of services are illegal in most countries.

Most of the escorts are women between the age of nineteen years old and forty years old. Most of them are educated, professional and successful business women. Many of them have a boyfriend or husband who is willing to accompany them on a date.

A typical service of an escort agency is usually booked by a companion, who has already established a relationship with the client, that is, they have agreed to perform sexual services together in the future. The companion contacts the client either by phone or by regular mail and invites him/her to a visit. On the day of the visit, the companion goes to the appointed place, wears a dress for the occasion and removes her clothes. She then performs a sensual massage of the customer. Afterwards, she tells the man she now wants to have sex, so he goes to a private bedroom and she performs cunnilingus on him.

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There are many lovely and beautiful women out there in the world, but some of them have decided to spend their lives in the public sphere. These beautiful women want to be a part of the social elite but cannot afford the high life most people want to lead. An escort agency can help them get their act together, make some new friends and enjoy the little things in life. Enjoying life includes making new friends and meeting new people. Coventry escorts are very much available and you will be amazed at how many beautiful and interesting people you will meet. Even though you may only meet these women once, you will come away with a wonderful memory and many happy relationships that will last a lifetime.

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